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5 Benefits of Social Media for Seniors | Journal Writing  for Seniors

Seniors could benefit from both social media and keeping journals by combining them. You could be savvy with social media by only using a mouse and typing few words or sentences. However, writing a journal through social media will challenge seniors to memorize keyboard keys’ locations. Furthermore, becoming savvy with journal application on facebook, or blog updates are logically more challenging than just keeping up basic social media status. Hence, they will have to squeeze their brain out even harder.

Note how Social Media Journalism could expand. Senior Centers could advocate seniors to read, and comment on each other’s posts. From reading and sharing each other journals online, they could learn new activities and hobbies. In fact, writing journals and adding pictures could make seniors to feel more personal about their own social media. Thus, some may even choose to study web languages or other web tools to make their social media pages to look personally unique.